Job Summary
Employment Type
Full Time
Years Experience
3 - 5 years
$35 - $40 Hourly
Job Description

Job description: Radiology Technician Ambulatory Surgery Center
Title Radiology Technician – Ambulatory Surgery Center
Main function
Provides radiology services in the operating room for interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, and podiatric procedures.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Philosophy
a) Supports the facility’s ideology, mission, goals, and objectives
b) Performs in accordance with the facility’s policies and procedures
c) Follows the facility’s standards for ethical business conduct
d) Conducts self as a positive role model and team member
e) Recognizes patients’ rights and responsibilities and supports them in performance of job
f) Participates in facility committees, meetings, in-services, and activities
2. Communication
a) Communicates effectively and professionally with patients, visitors, physicians, and
b) Interacts with others in a positive, respectful, and considerate manner
3. Financial practices
a) Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids wasteful practices
b) Reports wasteful practices
c) Analyzes work area and makes recommendations for potential cost-effective improvements
4. Compliance program
a) Contributes to the progress and development of the organization’s adopted compliance
b) Performs according to established compliance policies and procedures
5. Performance-improvement program
a) Contributes to the progress and development of the organization's adopted performanceimprovement
b) Performs according to established performance-improvement policies and procedures
6. Safety/risk-management program
a) Adheres to safety policies and procedures in performing job duties and responsibilities
b) Reports observed or suspected safety violations, hazards, and policy/procedure
noncompliance to the safety officer or other designated person
7. Professional competence
a) Participates in continuing education and other learning experiences
b) Shares knowledge gained in continuing education with staff
c) Maintains membership in relevant professional organizations
d) Seeks new learning experiences by accepting challenging opportunities and responsibilities
e) Welcomes suggestions and recommendations
8. Duties
a) Completes duties according to the requirements of each procedure requiring radiological
b) Assembles necessary supplies and positioning aids for scheduling procedures according to
physician’s preference card
c) Tests and monitors equipment for proper working condition
d) Accurately comprehends and interprets verbal orders and direction
e) Documents records and other forms, accurately adhering to approved policies/procedures
f) Confirms that all persons in the room are appropriately shielded before activating x-ray
g) Communicates information about the patient’s status to other persons responsible for patient
h) Applies the prescribed procedures to competently perform radiology technician functions
i) Follows principles of aseptic technique in performing duties during the procedure
j) Remains available during the procedure to provide timely responses to physician or patient
k) Follows manufacturer’s specifications and OSHA guidelines when performing x-ray
l) Performs required maintenance of instruments, supplies, and equipment by adhering to
cleaning care, storage, and calibration procedures as directed
m) Handles equipment and instruments correctly to provide appropriate availability and safety
n) Maintains adequate supplies to provide immediate availability during the procedure
o) Maintains a clean and organized work area
p) Responds in a timely manner to meet the needs of the patient and the physician


1. Ability to maintain safety, keep meticulous records and remain calm under pressure
2. Cooperative work attitude toward co-employees, management, patients, visitors, and physicians
3. Ability to promote favorable facility image with physicians, patients, insurance companies, and
general public
4. Ability to make decisions and solve problems

1. College degree
2. Radiology technician certification with training and experience operating room (C-arm, PACS); active
fluoro license 
3. Strong ethical and moral character references
4. Experience working as a radiology technician in an operating room setting

Job quality requirements

1. Accuracy
2. Attention to detail
3. Timeliness
4. Organization
5. Little supervision needed to accomplish tasks


1. Attendance
2. Punctuality
3. Ability to follow instructions
4. Ability to meet deadlines

Essential job functions

1. Ability to sit, stand, and walk
2. Visual and auditory acuity

Working conditions

1. Well lit and ventilated, with non-hazardous and hazardous equipment
2. Category III: exposure to bloodborne pathogens and may encounter chemical hazards

Reports to Administrative Director


1. Patients
2. Physicians
3. Facility personnel
4. Administration
5. Medical director


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